6 August 2018

SCOUT is back, connecting students with startups

The Innovation & Collaboration Centre will host SCOUT in September (12th) to help connect businesses with students wanting hands-on experience.

First held in 2017, some of South Australia’s best startup companies looking to hire talent pitched in front of 80 eager students looking to grow their careers.

Bigger and better in 2018, SCOUT will be held at the ICC’s new location in UniSA’s Cancer Research Institute, allowing a larger group of students to meet potential employers, an opportunity they may have not been able to access without an event like this.

Startups have been invited to deliver a three minute pitch at the event about the students and staff they are looking for followed by a dedicated space so students can network and talk to the relevant companies directly about their interests and experience.

Interested businesses will be given an information pack on the process of engaging a student in their business as well as contacts for any queries.

To register your interest in pitching at the event, please email iccadmin@unisa.edu.au with a short paragraph explaining your business as well asn an indication of the type of student and/or experience you are looking for.

Registrations to pitch close on Friday 24 August.

For any questions, please email iccadmin@unisa.edu.au or call Craig Jones on 08 8302 7315.

Student registrations are open.

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Confirmed pitches

  1. ReXolve Scientific
    • About the company
      • ReZolve Scientific was established in 2015, to commercialise photostable cell imaging agents developed by the University of South Australia and Curtin University. Generating new knowledge by defining the mechanisms of disease and capturing important cellular processes is vital in cell- and micro-biology.  The photostability, low cytotoxicity and fast cellular uptake of ReZolve Scientific fluorophores allow imaging of energy storage, cell signalling, metabolic processes and membrane dynamics in real time.
    • What are you looking for from SCOUT?
      • A biology student with a passtion for marketing, or a marketings student with an interest in biology or general labatory work
  2. Spatial Scientific
    • About the company
      • Spatial Scientific is an Adelaide-based technology company with a staff of approximately five people. We build high spec aerial camera systems for installation on manned aircraft. Our global client base use these camera systems for a range of mapping projects: topographic mapping, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, and wildfire mapping. We work with the latest camera techologies, and build all of our own hardware and software in-house. Further information at www.aerosci.info and www.fire.aero. (Note - they are not a drone company.)
    • What are you looking for from SCOUT?
      • We are always on the lookout for people with the right skills and the right attitude. The skills can be almost anything related to operating a small technology company, such as web development, sales, marketing, industrial and graphic design, software development, electrical engineering. The right attitude is critical: we are a small company of three engineers and some support staff. Everyone who works for us has to understand that working for a small tech company is not like working for Google. We love it, but it's not for everyone.