Venture Catalyst Expression of Interest form

Venture Catalyst is an initiative of the South Australian Government and UniSA encouraging student entrepreneurship and the creation of local startups. Current UniSA students and recent graduates may apply for up to $50,000 seed funding to develop their idea for a product, service, or process and take it to market.

Before completing this expression of interest form, please read the eligibility requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Teams must include at least one current student or recent graduate (36 months from graduation) from UniSA.
  • Applications must be proposing an idea for a startup, which Venture Catalyst defines as a product, service, or process that is both innovative and scalable. It is not applicable to consultants or sole-traders.
  • Must be headquartered in South Australia
  • The business proposed must benefit South Australian economic development.
  • Applicants must own the IP or have the option to acquire it.
  • Applicants should upload a Dropbox video of their idea to support their submission (max 2 minute video) via the link below.

Video content:

This 2 minute video is your pitch to why Venture Catalyst should support your idea, Here are some tips on what the video pitch should cover:

  • Introduce yourself and your idea
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Why should Venture Catalyst support your idea?

Please ensure that name of your video is in the following format:
lastname-firstname.extension (eg. citizen-john.mp4)

Submit video

Venture Catalyst Streams
In 2017, Venture Catalyst is offering an opportunity for startups to apply for two different streams.
Contact Details
Key contact (UniSA student or graduate < than 3 years). (please nominate one team member who is a UniSA student or alumni to be the primary contact person for the application) *
Other team members details (if applicable)
Project information
Project description - in plain language, describe your project/proposal (1000 words max).* Please include: - the unique benefit it will offer the customer and how it differs from others in the market; - evidence of scalability, such as its potential for a global market and distribution channels;- and the benefit to the South Australian economy, including job creation
1000 words left
If applicable, describe your existing relationship with a lead customer, business mentor or other investor (250 words max)*
250 words left
Why does your organisation need this grant and how will it be used? (150 words max)*
150 words left
Indicate other programs where this startup idea has previously been submitted, developed, or presented.
List any awards or accomplishments relevant to this startup.
Funding Details
Indicate how the funds being requested from Venture Catalyst will be spent, include the Activity, Amount Requested and Timeframe. Please use the following formatting: Name of activity- Amount Requested- Timeframe
Other Funding
Indicate how any funds have been expended to date, include the Activity, Amount Expended and the Source of Funds. Please use the following formatting: Name of activity- Amount Expended- Source of funds
You must answer "YES" to all eligibility criteria before you can submit this form.