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A specialised online platform delivering music, arts and entertainment


Theatrix streams on-demand (2D, VR and live) the best music, arts and entertainment over the Internet to televisions, computers, set top boxes, mobile and virtual reality devices.

Theatrix was founded by theatre director and producer Jamie Harding not long after he created the world’s first theatre and virtual reality experience and continued exploring what would be the next big thing in the arts industry.

The Australian arts industry operates on a knife-edge at the best of times but in recent years, the pressure has reached boiling point; local creators have faced millions in funding cuts, with draconian laws decimating once thriving scenes. The COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions have been extensive, having a devastating effect on countless numbers whose livelihood depends on the performing arts and live sectors.

Jamie has spent six months working overseas with investors and international entertainment heavyweights to secure content.

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  • On demand content
  • Available on multiple devices
  • New revenue stream for creative artists.


Theatrix is disruptive:

  • Unique delivery model: on demand (2D), live, and VR
  • Advanced AI algorithm: matches user with content they like based on activity and tokenizing the revenue split to users through crypto rewards based on consumption and reviews
  • Private and public profile, making users influencers on socials
  • SPOTLIGHT tech: lets users scan the screen to discover more.

Potential markets

Australia and New Zealand and rapidly scale to the United States, Canada, followed by the rest of the world.

Partnering opportunities

Theatrix is seeking angel investors, VC’s and funding to take the product to launch.

The Theatrix team

Jamie Harding

Jamie Harding

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Giftson Selladurai

Giftson Selladurai

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Kalendra

Peter Kalendra

Chief of Operations

Dr Diane Kalendra

Dr Diane Kalendra

Chief Marketing Officer

David Wolpert

David Wolpert

Chief Financial Officer

Nimrod Vromen

Nimrod Vromen

Chief Legal Officer

Ariel Roman

Ariel Vromen

Hollywood Director/ Producer

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