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Video analytics for sports using AI

Athlete's AI

Athlete’s AI was formed in Adelaide in July 2017 founded by Dr David To, Dr Mark McDonnell and Dr Guy Gallasch. David was a former professional tennis player with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University College London; Mark is an internationally known researcher in Computer Science; and Guy is an experienced Computer Systems Engineer.

The company was formed off the basis that video analytics is not delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner, as experienced by David during his professional tennis days. The first step taken was identifying the skillsets required and forming the team.

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  • AI and computer vision technology to improve an athlete’s game
  • More wins, higher ranking
  • Increased fan engagement through streaming, highlights, trends, and statistics delivered automatically in real-time.


Athlete’s AI uses AI and computer vision technology to deliver real-time analysis of sports video. Coaches want to use the best tools to demonstrate areas for improvement for their players and Athlete AI’s technology provides an objective way to do this by automatically splicing and cutting up key actions in the match.

Potential markets

Athlete’s AI are targeting two markets initially, the sporting bodies and the broadcasters. The future market is the grassroots level.

Partnering opportunities

Athlete’s AI are looking to partner with sporting bodies and broadcasters.

Athlete's AI technologyAthlete's AI uses AI and computer vision to improve an athlete's game.

Athlete's AI team

Dr David To

Dr David To

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mark McDonnell

Dr Mark McDonnell

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Guy Gallasch

Dr Guy Gallasch

Chief Product Officer

James McNeil

James McNeill

Senior Data Engineer

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