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Creating accurate wildfire maps from airborne and spaceborne sensors


FireFlight was founded in Adelaide in 2018 by Dr Paul Dare (airborne imaging specialist, pilot and ex-firefighter) with the assistance of two colleagues, hardware engineer Greg Davill and software engineer, Dr Simon Cronk. The FireFlight system creates accurate maps of wildfires and delivers those maps in real time to users on the ground.

The goal of FireFlight is to save lives, property and the environment, by providing users with accurate and up-to-date fire intelligence. This information can be used to protect properties, plan firefighting activities, and deploy resources efficiently.

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  • Reducing the danger posed by wildfires by accurately targeting their location
  • Increasing knowledge of wildfires and fire behaviour
  • Reducing the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year.


The FireFlight system is built around thermal camera and GPS technologies. The system uses thermal cameras (mounted on aeroplanes or satellites) to detect the wildfires, and the GPS to calculate the precise location of those fires. Software onboard the aircraft converts the images to maps and relays them to users on the ground instantly.

Potential markets

The number and the severity of wildfires increases every year. Wildfires now occur in geographical regions previously thought to be immune, such as the Arctic, northern Europe and northern Canada. In areas traditionally prone to wildfire (Australia, southern Europe, the continental US, South America), the devastation caused by wildfires is becoming increasingly worse.

The FireFlight system can be deployed anywhere in the world where wildfires pose a threat to safety or to the environment. The potential market for the FireFlight system is enormous.

Partnering opportunities

The FireFlight team would like to meet with platform providers/operators, specifically long endurance drones, high altitude balloons, and small satellite operators.

fireflight image Sherwood fire

FireFlight captured images of the 2016 Sherwood Fire using their system built around thermal camera and GPS technologies.

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FireFlight Team

Dr Paul Dare

Dr Paul Dare

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Davill

Greg Davill

Chief Technology Officer
VP Hardware Engineering

Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey

Sales Manager

Arnold Fabriczy

Arnold Fabriczy

Web Developer

Kim McCormack

Kim McCormack

Office Manager

Georgina Rawson

Georgina Rawson

Office Assistant

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