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Kiratech was founded by Richard Kwan in 2014 and has grown to a team of 12, with teams in Australia, Asia, USA, Europe and Latin America.

With ambitions to build a global company in Adelaide, South Australia it was imperative to focus on one specific industry. Having had nearly a decade of experience in the automotive and IT sector, lead to the concept of tracking every vehicle in Australia for recycling. This meant solving the problem to help automotive recyclers sell more parts per vehicle prior to the vehicle being crushed and melted back into a raw material. Kiratech was able to create Australia’s first online ecommerce platform in 2015 which introduced a measurable lead generation.

Kiratech has also developed an add-on feature to assist the automotive industry to sell more vehicles via their appraisal app. When a used vehicle is assessed, the app is used as a digital checklist allowing the person to take images and then have the vehicle appraised by wholesalers.

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2018 Kiratech working with Ignite SA’s Digital Town Square



With domain knowledge of the automotive industry from extensive market research and an agile software development approach, Kiratech are able to release their solutions to market within short time frames. This has led to unique solutions with automotive data matching, robotic process automation and inventory management.

Potential markets

Kiratech are currently investigating overseas markets after having validated their solutions locally within Australia. Kiratech has garnered support from multiple governments overseas and industry organisations wishing to partner to assist their local automotive industry, as well as economies by hiring and training local talent.

Kiratech leadership team

Richard Kwan

Richard Kwan


Mario Polverino

Mario Polverini


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