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joey by Kolab

Creating safer online experiences for kids


Winners of TechStars Startup Weekend 2019, in less than three days, Joey by KoLAB came together to kick-start an initiative that fosters safer online experiences for children. The team are passionate change-makers and leaders in their respective fields with a vision is to build a safer online experience for all children.

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  • Encourages children to be respectful and responsible with their online behaviour
  • User-friendly and age-appropriate for children and adolescents as they begin to learn and engage with the internet and social media
  • Encompassing re-active as well as pro-active best practices, fostering positive parent-child relationships through teachable moments.


Joey by KoLAB is an online tool that teaches your child about the dangerous effects of cyberbullying.

Their ultimate goal is to use their expertise in the fields of child psychiatry, cyberpsychology and data ethics to build a tool that can be used by software companies and social media providers to encourage safe online behaviours.

It’s a two-part system:

  1. Parents and guardians will receive alerts, reports and parenting advice. Joey by KoLAB identifies potential behaviours that may place your child at risk of cyberbullying.

  2. Children will engage with an interactive online assistant that helps them understand the consequences of their actions online and offers them an opportunity to reflect before acting.

The team are also looking to build an online training resource for key stakeholders such as parents, teachers and health care professionals to assist them in developing safer online experiences for children.

Potential markets

Parents of primary school aged children between 6 to 12 years old.

IP status

KoLab are currently developing their minimum viable product.

Partnering opportunities

  • Education and government contacts working with children in the areas of cyberbullying and digital literacy
  • Technology, social media and gaming companies who want to foster a more positive environment for children online
  • Parents of primary school aged children who would like to participate in our research.

KoLab team

Dr Kim Le

Dr Kim Le

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Anisha Fernando

Dr Anisha Fernando

Industry Expert

Loc Tran

Loc Tran

Digital Marketing Specialist

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.


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