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The end of IT tickets forever


Licorice was founded in 2017 by Samantha Glocker. She first had the idea in 1998 while launching her first tech company. After years of learnings, she formed Licorice to make IT support easier for everybody—especially IT professionals. Licorice aims to build the software IT engineers have always wanted; that’s super-fast and works the way they do, with an open application programming interface (API) and backed by real-world tests in IT service.

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  • Everybody knows where IT tasks are at, always
  • Complete ITMS software tasks in fewer steps
  • 10-fold efficiency gain over current IT software.


Licorice is a modern rethinking of IT support, creating full transparency for both customers and engineers, using newly developed workflows and AIs to remove mundane tasks. Licorice gives a new user interface to your existing IT service management (ITSM) software in under five minutes. The new UI and workflow yield 10x performance and efficiency gains over current ITSM software methods.

Potential markets

Information and communications technology (ICT). Licorice is written for IT service providers, IT departments, managed service providers, telecommunication service providers, telcos, and most importantly— IT professionals. Licorice has interest from other industries such as automotive, accounting, and medical.

Partnering opportunities

  • Connections to IT service providers (initially those using ConnectWise)
  • Connections to investors with tech/SaaS backgrounds (US/AU/ EU)
  • Interest in investing in upcoming seed round.


The Licorice team

Samantha Glocker

Samantha Glocker

Chief Executive Officer

Marshall Cowan

Marshall Cowan

Chief Operating Officer

Ian Macdonald

Ian Macdonald

Lead developer (UI)

Julian LeFay (Jensen)

Julian LeFay (Jensen)

Chief Technical Officer

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