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Local Liquid

Removal and reuse of liquid waste

Local Liquid

Local Liquid is a liquid disposal company based in the Eyre Peninsula. The company has been researching ways to reduce the local cost of disposing of trade waste, so local businesses are not at a disadvantage against their Adelaide based counterparts. This waste then contributes to several new products that enhance plant production and builds on a local circular economy model.

Local Liquid is partnering with a new company Nautical Secret to reuse as much locally produced waste as possible to create an antifungal product without the toxicity of chemical fungicides to for use in the agricultural sector. They have formed this partnership for three reasons:

  1. There are currently no environmentally sustainable /cost-effective methods for trade waste on the Eyre Peninsula.
  2. Fungal diseases in agriculture is a worldwide problem with fungicide sales estimated around US$13.41 billion annually and rising.
  3. The current use of antibiotics in the intensive livestock industry is a major concern, creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs. If we continue with current livestock practices, antibiotic resistance can lead to a potential bacteria pandemic with a mortality rate far greater than a viral pandemic. Fish scales, oyster and mussel shells, when cultivated with a group of beneficial bacteria, is a microbial cocktail that may replace antibiotics in livestock and poultry operations.

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Local Liquid produces different locally sourced waste products and combines them in microbial cultivation bioreactors to produce organic anti-fungal foliar fertiliser and non-toxic liquid anti-fungal products for livestock amongst others.

Potential markets

Global organic fertilisers were worth around $6.8 billion US in 2018 and are projected to double to around $12.5 billion US by 2027.

The possibilities of having nontoxic anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products that can replace current highly toxic products that are currently in use are enormous.

Partnering opportunities

Local Liquid and Nautical Secret are looking to partner with viticulturists, horticulturists parties who are interested in soil science, the Department for Primary Industries, farming systems/grower groups, waste producers and investors.

Local Liquid team

Andrew Foster

Andrew Foster

Co-Owner and Operations

Carmen Foster

Carmen Foster

Co-Owner and Manager

Chun Yean Chong

Chun Yean Chong

Partner, Biochemist Nautical Secret

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.


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