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Compact and portable parabolic antennae for the space industry

Locus Rose

Locus Rose formed out of a collaborative effort to compete in the 2020 ActInSpace Hackathon. During this 24-hour competition, the team formed, strategized and presented their novel concept to secure the runner-up prize.

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  • Decreased physical footprint when not in use
  • Improved signal quality during use
  • Simple single-action mechanism to achieve shape-locking design
  • Simplified production of otherwise complex processes using additive manufacturing.


Current market options for folding antennas have two common problems, being that folding satellites are difficult to manufacture and do not conform to the optimal geometry required for telecommunications. Locus Rose’s additive manufacturing-based production method and unique deployment mechanism solves these problems.

Potential markets

  • Support networks for rural public services (teaching, emergency relief, medical support etc.)
  • Outdoor/exploration markets (compact, reliable, and high-fidelity comms devices).

Partnering opportunities

Locus Rose are an early stage startup. The team want to gain guidance and support for navigating the Australian space technology industry while bringing their disruptive design and use of advanced additive manufacturing methods to fruition. The startup will require assistance with the establishment of manufacturing/distribution channels and business structure scalability. To develop their ideas further, the team seek individuals experienced in:

  • Space industry-specific development
  • Material science
  • Signal/frequency analysis.

While Locus Rose presents foundational knowledge in IT, engineering and management, a worthwhile telecommunications product will result only from meaningful collaboration with experts in the field.

Locus Rose team

Locus Rose

Ryan Daley

Technical Lead

Locus Rose

Tessa Ewens

Co-founder/IT Specialist

Locus Rose

Adam Wickham

Co-founder/IT Specialist

Locus Rose

Harshitha Rajashekara

Project Manager

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.


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