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Lookinglass detects the symptoms and progression of degenerative health conditions like Parkinson’s and dementia in the home. The platform is currently accessible to healthcare professionals through a web interface and the team is also developing an IoT Smart Mirror interface. The Mirror enables home users to monitor their health on an ongoing basis and without interruption to their existing routine or environment.

The technology has been developed to replicate the sense of assurance that a doctor can provide through testing and observation, while removing the barriers to obtaining expert healthcare.


The platform uses new methods for monocular and stereoscopic pose estimation to visually monitor human facial and body movement reliably. The system can detect and classify motion features associated with health conditions such as active tremor oscillation - a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. Health record data is protected by a novel satellite-based storage and access control system (devised to comply with HIPAA, BDSG and other privacy regulations worldwide). The system ensures specific records are available to health professionals at the times and places the patient or carer has delegated access. Record access is also audited to an immutable ledger and a sophisticated intrusion detection scheme is employed.

Potential markets

The likelihood of deterioration of health and independence increases in older ages. Twenty-five percent of earth’s population will be older than 65 by 2050. An increase of wellbeing and independence benefits the individual, specifically older people and those suffering ongoing health conditions. Other beneficiaries, who may act as customers or channels are carers, healthcare professionals, aged care providers, and governments.

IP status

Lookinglass’ IP is embedded and protected within its platform. They are also in the process of obtaining a patent and are continuously advancing their technological capabilities.

Partnering opportunities

Lookinglass are seeking seed financing and manufacturing partners to take their prototype into production. They are also looking to develop business relationships with channel partners.


The platform uses new methods for monocular and stereoscopic pose estimation to visually monitor human facial and body movement reliably.

Lookinglass team

Kelly Carpenter

Kelly Carpenter

Co-Founder & CEO

Simon Cullen

Simon Cullen

Co-Founder & CTO

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