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Lux is a space robotics company which specializes in the design, manufacturing and operation of atmospheric satellites for Earth observation (EO). Through its data sets from satellites, Lux builds decision-making tools to help civil and defence organisations understand and optimize their operation on the ground. The company was founded in Montreal, Canada and opened it’s Australian HQ in Adelaide in 2019 to support its work with local industries.

  • Access to high-resolution aerial images of the surface of the planet, in real-time
  • Monitor changes on the ground, happening every minute
  • Surveil large areas such as coastlines, for months at a time, at low cost.

Lux’s atmospheric satellites consist of high-altitude balloons equipped with a camera, which operate between 18 and 25km of altitude to capture high-resolution aerial images and deliver these to customers in real-time. The vision is to operate a fleet of balloons over Australia to be able to produce a live digital twin of the continent and serve several markets.

Across multiple industries, large public and private organisations currently lack access to critical insights regarding their operations due to poor resolution and frequency of EO data available on the market. Lux’s unique proprietary data, consisting of live high-resolution aerial imaging, supporting multiple high-value applications, currently untapped, ranging from bushfire monitoring to national security.

Lux is actively looking for software developers/companies to build software applications on top of their unique data set to bring the most value to new markets, such as forestry, electric utility and cities.

Lux balloon launch

Lux launched their first balloon in late 2019

UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre unveils second Venture Catalyst Space program

The University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre (ICC) today announced that five startups will take part in its second Venture Catalyst Space program supported by the state government’s Space Innovation Fund.

Vincent Lachance

Vincent Lachance


Katrina Albert

Katrina Albert


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A launch for space startups

The Venture Catalyst Space program is Australia's first incubator program for startups in the space sector.

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