Moose Industries

Innovative agricultural equipment company designing robust innovative farm machinery

Moose Industries was established in 1997 by Nigel Eckermann in Kimba (Central Eyre Peninsula, South Australia). The business was first known as Moose's Metalworks.

For a short period (2004-2006) a second facility was established in Port Lincoln to service the Lower Eyre Peninsula. In 2008 Moose Industries (MI) was formally registered.

Moose Industries are research and development focused with a vision to expand further into this area with innovations encompassing both the sustainability and agricultural sectors. While maintaining small scale manufacturing capabilities at present, Moose Industries have spent over two years researching, and have recently commenced the development and implementation of an advanced manufacturing strategy. Right now, their business capabilities are strong in primary industries, predominantly in broadacre cropping, specifically cereal cropping.

Moose Industries has been accepted into and has completed several state and federal grants to assist in growing their business. They have the support of AusIndustry, Austrade, the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited and the Whyalla Eyre Peninsula Regional Development Board. They have been engaging these organisations for mentorship and grant funding for approximately s years. Through this network, Moose Industries were suggested for Venture Catalyst.


  • More productive and sustainable farming
  • Affordable ‘high-end’ componentry to fit existing seeding machines.


Moose Industries will implement advanced manufacturing machinery to manufacture innovative and robust coulters for seeding machines, at an affordable and competitive price.

Potential markets

Current Market - Australian broadacre farmers, progressive farmers and farmers nationwide. Potential Market – North American broadacre farmers.

IP status

Intellectual property on a complete seeding machine concept that will comprise of the Moose Coulter.

Partnering opportunities

Moose Industries are currently looking at working with a large company within the agricultural industry in Australia and overseas. They are devising a ‘strategic fit analysis’ and will have Austrade assist in setting up the initial meeting once the analysis is complete and a strategic fit has been determined.

Moose Industries equipment

Moose Industries specialises in creating innovative agricultural equipment.

Moose Industries team

Nigel Eckermann

Nigel Eckermann

Director, Head Designer, Business Manager

Hamish Robertson

Hamish Robertson

Operations Manager, Procurement, HR, CNC Programmer

Emma Eckermann

Emma Eckermann

Office Manager, Marketing, Strategic Planning

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.

0413 314 726


South Australian Government

University of South Australia