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nano spaces

Nano Spaces is developing micro- and nanofluidic science and technologies for space applications. Founder Craig Priest has a PhD on the science of fluid behaviour on complex surfaces and 15 years’ experience working on micro and nanofluidic technologies. The Nano Spaces team includes expertise in CFD simulations, micro and nano engineering, interfacial science and device development, which is critical to handle liquids and gasses in new ways. In space, this is very important. Nano Spaces aims to bring the unique advantages of fluids in small spaces to the biggest space of all.

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We’ve all seen remarkable effects of small liquids, whether a water drop running off a newly waxed car or a rainbow decorating a soap bubble. Over the last decade, microfluidic phenomena have been harnessed in pipes thinner than a hair. In fact, new technologies can now do chemistry, physics, and biology with much less than a single droplet of liquid. In a nanofluidic device, these volumes can be even smaller; femtolitres (10-15 litres). In Space, weight and volume are at a premium and process efficiency is critical, so Nano Spaces aims to miniaturise payloads of spacecraft through better management of satellite fuels and other fluids with nanoscale precision.

Potential markets

Nano Spaces can help address micro- and nano-fluidic challenges for new technologies, whether on Earth or in Space.

Partnering opportunities

Nano Spaces welcomes invitations to partner on technical challenges related to small-scale fluid handling.

Nano Spaces team

a/prof. craig priest

A/Prof. Craig Priest


Dr Daisy Yang

Dr Daisy Yang

Scientist (Interfaces)

Dr Moein Kashani

Dr Moein Kashani

Scientist (CFD Simulations)

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.

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