Improving the lives of separating families


Ohana is an organisation focussed on co-parenting solutions for Australia and the wider world. Ohana was founded by a single mum desperate to shield her children from the same challenges she faced growing up in a co-parenting situation.

That passion grew from wanting to protect her children to the realisation that the parents also needed support and guidance. From that a seed was planted and a mission to effect change to all families around the world, grew. After exploring many different avenues, it was clear that utilising modern day technology to change the way parents communicated was the most effective way to support as many families as possible.

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  • More collaborative parenting via a shared family calendar
  • Improving communication between parents
  • Encourage more favourable shared care
  • Simplifies the process of sharing documentation with government agencies.


OHANA app is a tool designed to help co-parenting families to connect and stay organised, partnered with education and support.

The fully developed app features include:

  • A shared calendar - showing each parent’s care schedule, including the ability to alter care schedules through request with notification and edit functions, book appointments for children/users, book personal appointments with the ghost feature (i.e. can use the app to schedule events invisible to other users)
  • Messaging capabilities - including unique features like indicating the temperature of the language used so that communication can be moderated, and other functionality like categorising conversations into subject topics, ie medical, holiday, education, contact schedule etc.
  • Kid’s information bank – enabling the collected information pertaining to the child, or children to be accessible and stored
  • Parent’s profile - enables understanding and connection around activities and responsibilities which includes a feature that collects data on percentage of care time for accurate reporting to Centrelink.
  • Photos/videos - upload and share videos and photos for both parents/caregivers to view.

Potential markets

Ohana hopes to be in the hand of every co-parenting family around the world.

Partnering opportunities

Ohana is seeking co-founder(s) with technological expertise that are passionate about effecting positive change to the lives of co-parenting families around the world. Ohana is also seeking angel investors to progress to development.

Ohana application

The Ohana app improves communication between co-parenting families.

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What problem is your startup solving?

Unfortunately, growing up in a separated family is common for children and with busy lives, it is difficult for co-parenting families to remain organised and connected. Not only that, but the lack of knowledge and support around co-parenting means many families are struggling in silence and children are left with lasting negative effects.

What is your ‘why’? / Why are you solving this problem?

I wish my parents were given the resources, knowledge and support I plan on providing when I was 8 years old struggling with the difficulty of living within a separated family.

What’s something we would never guess about you?

I enjoy hunting.

Do you have an unusual talent?

I wouldn’t call it a talent but I can sleep anywhere.

What is your startup dream?

Ultimately my goal is to change the way that society sees separated families, not as broken or damaged but just as ‘families.’

I have many dreams for my startup, the very first is obviously to launch Ohana co-parenting app, that’s first on the list because I feel I can help the maximum amount of people by using technology.

Following that, I want to create a co-parenting hub in all the major cities in Australia. This hub is a place where families can go-to for all things ‘separation.’ Including, counsellors, role models, Life coaches, Centrelink specialists, lawyers, mediators and simply to meet people like me that are successfully co-parenting so they can figure out why and how to co-parent effectively.

Favourite things to do when you’re not working on your startup?

Camping - sitting next to a campfire, surrounded by my family with a Bacardi and coke watching the sunset is my happy place.

Do you have any irrational fears?

Getting eaten by a shark when I never go that deep in the water.

If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

I believe the only way I am going to succeed is to have confidence, be a great leader and never give up.

  • Beyonce because she is fabulous (and confident).
  • Brene Brown because I love her views on how to lead.
  • Morgan Freeman because he said ‘the best way to guarantee a loss is to quit’ so he must have a lot more to say that I want to hear.
  • Roger Federer so I can convince him to give me courtside tickets.

Sorry, that’s four…

Ohana is seeking co-founder(s) with technological expertise that are passionate about effecting positive change to the lives of co-parenting families around the world. If that’s you, please feel welcome to get in touch with Ohana via one of the below channels,


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Ilka Jane


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