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Electricity direct from solar farms in your community


Oxamii aspires to allow anyone who owns renewable energy to sell their energy to anyone else.

The company was formed in 2017 in Adelaide by banking professional Aaron Yew and software engineer Ray Carlaw to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy owned by the community rather than big energy. Energy markets around the world have worked in the same predictable way since electricity systems started over 100 years ago. Now for the first time, there is a change in the energy market and an opportunity for disruption as adoption of renewable energy, batteries and electric vehicles increases. The problem is that energy companies have legacy energy infrastructure not designed to accommodate millions of rooftop solar systems, batteries and electric vehicles and so the energy sector is still dominated by big energy companies that limit the potential for a modern, smart grid.

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  • Changing the energy market
  • Creating a market for buyers and sellers of energy to transact
  • No more big energy companies; buy local energy supporting the community.


Oxamii has developed a retail electricity platform (The People’s Grid™) that matches local households to a local generator of electricity, that could be from a local solar farm on a nearby property or nearby biowaste plant which can support their local community.

This puts a real face to the supply of electricity in the home and promotes a ‘circular economy’ where resources are both produced and consumed within the local area creating a smarter, more dynamic and decentralized electricity market.

The team are currently working on various projects to demonstrate what a future powered purely by renewables could look like. Their vision is of an energy system where power is in the hands of people, and electricity is generated by the communities who use it.

The Oxamii Trading Engine uses data from half-hourly meters and existing grid infrastructure to match energy generated and consumed based on customer preferences and pricing.

Potential markets

Oxamii’s initial target market was individual households and businesses. Following the launch of their prototype and testing the validity of their proposal via a trial, Oxamii now has interest from larger corporates and even communities.

Oxamii is piloting with a community to trade excess solar energy to others in theirlocal community. For example, a farmer who wishes to trade excess solar energy during low seasonal usage.

Partnering opportunities

Oxamii is talking with retailers and corporates around providing innovative energy products to the market, previously unavailable from the big energy retailers. They are looking for corporates that want to innovate in the energy market. For example, a corporate may be buying their energy from a large solar farm, but also want to give access to their staff to buy at great rates from the same solar farm.

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Oxamii team

Aaron Yew

Aaron Yew

Chief Executive Officer  

Ray Carlaw

Ray Carlaw

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Investor Relations, Advisor

Luke Marshall

Luke Marshall

Energy Expert

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