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Up to 23 per cent of wind turbine failures can be caused by blade damage, with 25–30 per cent of wind farm operation costs spent on operations and maintenance. There are an estimated 3,800 blade failures globally per year and a total repair cost of up to $2 billion.

Ping Monitor is an innovative acoustic solution and a world-first application of aero-acoustic analysis for wind turbine maintenance and repair. The system works on the basis that blade damage makes a particular sound which the Ping Monitor detects. The technology is a significant advancement on current methods of inspections which are carried out on an infrequent basis.


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The device uses patented technology and algorithms which can rate the health of a wind turbine based on its acoustic signature on a scale of one to five and monitors changes over time. The Ping Monitor is easily installed on a wind turbine mount. It measures the sound generated by the turbine blades as they rotate. When damage occurs the ping monitor detects and evaluates the change in sound. Data analysis is performed on-board with daily updates uploaded to Ping Cloud via IoT communication.

Potential markets

Ping Monitor’s key target market is wind farm operators worldwide. The startup has liaised with most of the major wind turbine operators in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Other applications

The Ping Monitor technology can be applied to other technologies where condition monitoring is required. Examples of applications include conveyor roller bearing and monitoring of wheels and bearings in rail freight wagons.

Partnering opportunities

Ping is seeking collaboration and business development opportunities for global sales. In particular, Ping is seeking partners to advance the application of the Ping Monitor to other industries.

ping monitor

The 'Ping Monitor' uses aero-acoustic analysis for wind turbine maintenance and repair.

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Leadership team

Matthew Stead

Matthew Stead

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

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