Scientific research in space


ResearchSat is developing small satellite payloads, which can take microbiological experiments to space in a confined, controlled environment to monitor their behaviour and catalogue any changes to eventually develop new pharmaceutical drugs to treat diseases. The satellites have been developed to be viable, accessible and affordable for all researchers.


  • ResearchSat’s specialised payloads are capable of performing biochemical, microbiology & chemical experiments in space/micro-gravity optimised to specific experimental requirements
  • Electronic systems integrated with payloads that allow experiments to be autonomously carried out, and for data to be transmitted live back to Earth.


Advanced microfluidic chips integrated with state-of-the-art electronic sensor suite and data acquisition system, designed by specialists, will be used as a key platform to host & perform scientific experiments remotely in space.

Potential markets

ResearchSat’s payloads facilitate conditions for drug design & development for pharmaceutical companies on a commercial scale as well as provide opportunities to all researchers who need an affordable, viable and accelerated platform for space biology research.

IP status

The IP for the research results belong to customers and IP for the experimental setup belong to ResearchSat.

Partnering opportunities

ResearchSat are looking to collaborate with research organisations, academic researchers and for cubesat platforms who can host their payload. There is also a potential for partnerships with other cubesat companies to share launch costs.




RaviTeja Duggineni

RaviTeja Duggineni

Chief Executive Officer

Vikrant Minhas

Vikrant Minhas

Chief Scientific Officer

Jibin Jeffrey Dhanaraj

Jibin Jeffrey Dhanaraj

Chief Technology Officer

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.

0413 314 726

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