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Safety from space

Resilient emergency communications from anywhere

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Safety from Space was established in 2018 by Dr Mark Rice who wanted to design a better and more reliable emergency communications system.

After researching the limitations of existing systems, a new approach based on advanced satellite technologies was proposed. This followed extensive dialogue with the emergency services community in Australia, communities and operators in remote locations around Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and NASA’s SAR Office, the world leader in this type of system.

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The system is based on small, low-power radio beacons that can be used stand-alone, integrated as a wearable device, or into vehicle systems. The user activates the beacon in the event of an incident, establishing a connection with an operations centre to determine the nature of the incident. Messages are rapidly forwarded to others with similarly equipped devices to coordinate a response. Other communications channels may also be integrated with the back end system. A cooperative approach with partners will provide multiple sites for testing and validation with end users.

Potential markets

The product is designed to support the needs of the emergency services community in handling critical situations where resilience is paramount. The simplicity and low-cost of the deployed devices make it well suited to volunteer firefighters as well as professionals. The system could be deployed to government workers (e.g. rural health workers), lone workers, individual travellers or remote communities. Use for future Lunar and Moon missions is being explored in partnership with NASA.

Partnering opportunities

Safety from Space is working with a variety of technology companies. They are also seeking new partnerships with organisations that have leading expertise in developing the Human Machine Interface for users and operator, back-end systems for data processing/management and manufacturing of radio beacons.

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Safety from Space is working on a safety system for those in locations without guaranteed reliable wireless coverage.

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Safety From Space team

Dr Mark Rice

Dr Mark Rice


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Gottfried Lechner


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Gary Shmith


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