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Next generation personal & vehicle emergency radio beacons

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Safety from Space is working on a new safety system for locations too far from wireless coverage. Current systems are limited or too expensive for general usage. Beacons generally operate as stand-alone devices and are not easy to integrate into safety systems. Satellite phones are prohibitively expensive making them inaccessible for most users. Regulation has restricted innovation and much of the technology has changed little in 30 years.

The team proposes an alternative and supplementary service (and support infrastructure) to provide specific messaging via satellite for dangerous situations that could develop into an emergency.


Safety from Space’s radio beacons are low power, battery operated devices that will be integrated into vehicles or clothing for maximum effect. Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (i.e. GPS or Galileo), emergency signals through a variety of media (email, text, phone etc.) would be distributed through an innovative ground receiver network.

Potential markets

This technology could be applied wherever people are working, living or just travelling through regions with poor wireless coverage and limited infrastructure. Well suited to Australian outback and offshore, plus Africa and South America where there are high risk environments.

IP status

Safety from Space have the rights to use the IP. There is an agreement with UniSA for beneficial use and commercialisation of the technology.

Partnering opportunities

Working with NASA and are looking for companies interested in piloting this technology in the mining, resources or agricultural sectors.

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Safety from Space is working on a safety system for those in locations without guaranteed reliable wireless coverage.

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Safety From Space team

Dr Mark Rice

Dr Mark Rice


Gottfried Lechner

Gottfried Lechner


Gary Shmith

Gary Shmith


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