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Satsearch was founded by a group of friends at a 2015 hackathon in Bremen. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands with a fully remote team all over the world. Satsearch have deep expertise in space systems engineering and internet marketplaces and are supporting the space industry by making it easier to buy and sell space products and services. In 2018, satsearch was selected by the European Space Agency for their incubation program and graduated with a clear path towards sustainability.

  • Helping eningeers conduct trade studies, cost analysis, and receive all the information needed to make space missions seamless and successful
  • Helping suppliers showcase their products and services to customers in the space industry.

Satsearch makes technical and procurement relevant information seamlessly available through an open, global, online marketplace that enables engineers to initiate and track procurement through a dedicated Request for Information (RFI)/Request for Quotation (RFQ)/Request for Proposal (RFP) system.

Satsearch is focussed on developing technology that establishes a true marketplace in the space industry, enabling buyers to rapidly narrow down products and services that meet their requirements and subsequently initiate transactions by filing RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs. To enable this, the team are developing advanced approaches to modelling the underlying supply chain information within their platform. By leveraging expertise in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), they are building data models enabling engineers to interact with products and services without having to spend hours manually searching through lengthy PDF datasheets and interface documents.

The entire procurement process from identification of suppliers to making a purchase can set back space missions by at least three to four months. Satsearch is helping to solve this problem by automating this process, saving both time and money.

Satsearch currently works with more than 3000 suppliers and has customers from over 20 countries. They believe that there are 100,000 suppliers relevant for the space industry and intend to bring them on the marketplace.

Satsearch is creating a data integration ecosystem around the database that will help engineers discover products/services through tools that they will use in designing and executing space missions. For example, NASA Small Satellite Information Search engine now leverages the satsearch database to provide results to engineers

There are partnership opportunities for any software-based product/service providers to leverage the supply chain/component data based on satsearch. This includes concurrent design, simulation, procurement, tools etc.

The marketplace has been functional for the past five years and has grown significantly with users from 100+ countries leveraging satsearch on a monthly basis. Satsearch are developing advanced approaches to modelling the underlying supply chain information of the space industry within the platform.

Kartik Kumar

Kartik Kumar

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Alberto Vaccarella

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Narayan Prasad Nagendra

Chief Operating Officer


Hywel Curtis

Head of Marketing


Beatrice Vivaldi

Design Lead

South Australian Government

University of South Australia