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With our ever-increasingly busy lifestyles, parents are struggling to find time to prepare healthy gourmet meals to feed both the kids let alone themselves. Taste Studio’s ‘Eat Active’ aims to make it easier for mums and dads to feed the family better by way of fresh ready to eat nutritional meals Co-developed by professional chefs and endorsed by SA Health.

In addition to being a father of two, Founder Ricky Chau spent a decade in the food industry with his own food sales, marketing and distribution business, servicing supermarkets and the hospitality industry in South Australia. In 2018, an opportunity arose from the D3 Digital Challenge, an initiative of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Taste Studios were participants addressing the issue of ‘how can we increase the amount of healthy food options available for children when dining out’? They presented a solution to develop and market a range of nutritionally balanced meals that would be cost effective, easy to prepare and restaurant quality for food service venues as well as direct to families. Against 13 other teams, across two rounds, Taste were the successful candidates to secure a four year partnership with SA Health along with grant funding to pursue the project. The team has since successfully piloted their food service offering and will be looking to launch their online store this year.


A range of meals co-developed by chefs and dieticians to meet Australian Guidelines to Healthy Eating, low in sodium and sugar, containing one or more serving of vegetables prepared with healthy fats and oils with production capacity to scale nationally/internationally.

The 1.7 million Australian households with families.

Taste Studios are seeking e-commerce partners, angel investors and brand ambassadors.


Taste Studios

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Taste Studios

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