Reinventing the human machine interface


Tekuma, founded in NSW, has developed the next generation of intuitive hand controller hardware or ‘joysticks’ which uses patented technology and custom firmware to process a user’s tactile hand movements. This enables them to control an object, such as a drone, with one hand. The solution is sturdy, secure and universal allowing applications across many industries.



  • Control your drone or other device with one hand
  • Use other hand to operate the camera or other peripherals
  • Reduces time, cost, personnel and training required


The technology Tekuma is licensing is mainly in the orb, a slightly-smaller than a tennis ball object that can sense the user’s force placed upon it in six-degrees. This means a user can manipulate up-down, left-right, forward-backward, tilt and rotation around these axes all with one hand. The other hand is then free to manipulate other devices, such as peripherals.

Potential markets

This technology could be applied to remotely controlled robots, rovers, or drones in space, air, sea or on land. It can be adapted for paraplegics for motorized wheelchairs or other accessibility applications, to forklifts and cranes in construction, to virtual realities for entertainment and education.

IP status

Tekuma has received approval for their national Australian patent and is in the process of choosing and filing in other countries.

Partnering opportunities

Tekuma is ready to partner with any company that wants to give their users a friendlier control experience. With Tekuma, your users can save time, money, personnel and most of all training – and you will be collaborating on unique revolutionary product that will drastically improve your user experience.

tekuma with drone

Tekuma has developed a controller which allows the user to control an object with one hand.

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Annette McClelland


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