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Decreasing risk in asset valuations in an automated world


ValAi was founded in 2019 to decrease risk in the automated valuation industry by creating a network of automated valuation models, connecting valuation firms, banks and independent property valuers on a single platform and improving efficiency, transparency and auditability.

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Combining the latest developments in artificial intelligence and blockchain, the ValAi ecosystem offers Platform-based services for prospective clients.

Potential markets

Residential valuations for lending purposes initially, further expanding to agricultural properties, commercial and industrial together with plant and equipment, for additional purposes such as rating and taxing and financial reporting.

IP status

The intellectual property of the ValAi ecosystem is held within the ValAi IP Trust and is continually developed.

Partnering opportunities

ValAi are seeking collaboration and business development opportunities for global sales and to further advance this opportunity. In particular, ValAi are seeking partners to advance the ValAi AVM ecosystem within the lending sector.

ValAi Team

Tom Reed

Tom Reed


Allys Todd

Allys Todd

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Baigent

Alex Baigent

Technical Lead

For all media inquires please contact Georgia Minarelli from the Innovation & Collaboration Centre.


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University of South Australia