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Preventing cargo theft on a global scale

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Winners of the global ActInSpace competition, Wright Technologies was founded in 2018 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ninety per cent of online shopping is shipped in a cargo container. As consumers continue to purchase more and more online, both the frequency of cargo theft and the value of goods stolen, increases. It can take as little as 20 minutes for a thief to break into a shipping container, circumvent a GPS tracking system and steal consumer goods. Meanwhile, it can take as long as 60 days for shipping companies to realise something has been stolen. Wright Technologies’ Akita platform can securely track containers, detect any intrusions and alert the right people immediately.

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  • Secure cargo tracking, offering visibility and oversight of container position and integrity to relevant parties
  • Early detection of physical intrusions and digital tampering of containers
  • Reduces time, costs and manual labour of cargo theft detection through smart automation.


Combining authenticated GNSS position fixes with embedded IoT sensors and a software protocol, Akita gives cargo containers the ability to detect physical and digital intrusions and send information of when and where it occurred. This information is analysed and stored in a distributed ledger where it alerts the relevant stakeholders of theft and forms an immutable and verifiable record of a container’s location and status.

Potential markets

Wright Technologies’ key target market is freight and logistics companies in the Asia Pacific region with the team actively in discussions with companies from this region and also the United States. Akita could also be adopted for tracking purposes in other industries.

Partnering opportunities

Wright Technologies are seeking industry and research partners to conduct field trials.

wright technologies

Wright Technologies’ Akita platform can securely track containers, detect any intrusions and alert the right people immediately.

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Bez Mohammadi

Bez Mohammadi

Business Development

Kosta Canatselis

Kosta Canatselis

Product Development

Rafael Kourdis

Rafael Kourdis

Telecommunications Engineer

Jason Lu

Jason Lu

Telecommunications and
DLT Engineer

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