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The Innovation & Collaboration Centre was part of SISA’s pilot program to attract promising overseas seed-stage entrepreneurs to develop their concepts in South Australia. This means temporary visas were potentially issued to those that met all the Department of Home Affairs’ criteria and requirements.

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The ICC delivers South Australia’s first space incubator program (Venture Catalyst Space) and we are looking for exciting new startup companies that operate in the space sector.

If you are building a company using space technologies or creating tech, services or products for the space industry, we want to hear from you.

What is a space startup?

A space company utilizes space technology or data.

For example:

  • Using information provided by satellites to monitor drones
  • Using beacons to help grape growers improve the quality of their fruit by monitoring weather conditions, or
  • Using satellites to capture images of earth for mining companies.

The term 'space' no longer means the same as it did five years ago.

In the past, space exploration was just that, going out and exploring the galaxy. In 2020, more companies are contributing to the space economy than ever but utilizing existing space technology to solve real-world problems.

These new companies may not appear to be connected to the traditional space industry as they may only use space signals and data in their own products, typically concerning satellite communications, satellite television, geospatial products and location-based services, but this information can benefit many different industries (examples above).

There are also other areas becoming more accessible to smaller companies such as sending items into space for testing, space manufacturing, asteriod mining and even innovative ideas on how to supply fuel to space missions while in space to lengthen their trip.

Space companies can therefore be those who utilise space data, or those who utilise existing space technology to solve a problem on earth - both contribute to the space industry.

What we can do for you...

Venture Cataylst Space is a six-month incubator program to help entrepreneurs and startups, develop and grow innovative or disruptive ideas in the space sector.

Delivered by the University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre and supported by the State Government's Space Innovation Fund, the program gives founders the support and tools they need to plan and successfully build a scalable and investment ready business.

The program includes:

  • A series of capability workshops designed for founders 
  • One-one-one mentoring sessions
  • Workspace in the metropolitan and regional ICC, access to meeting spaces, kitchen and wifi and a likeminded community
  • Access to a pool of expert advisors from UniSA and a wider network within the space industry
  • A stipend of $10,000 per company. Relocation grants available for eligible companies.

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Applications for Venture Catalyst Space 2021 are now closed.


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