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114ai was formed in India by a team who have over 30 years’ experience researching, developing, testing and deploying solutions for the military. As users of their competitor’s products, they have come with the lived experience of the failures of those products and have developed a method to solve one of the most fundamental challenges in the adoption of big data.

  • Catalogues multiple sources of data, regardless of type and format
  • Enables the operator/analyst to set up custom search queries across multiple databases
  • Allows non-technical users to manage their data without the need for external help
  • Facilitates multiple languages and technology stacks, freeing the user from the shackles of technology or vendor lock-in.

One of the fundamental challenges in the space sector is the irregularity of data formats and the multiple areas the data is sourced from. Most companies working in the ‘space domain awareness’ sector are focussed on building applications, leaving a gap in the development & innovation of the data-sourcing pipeline that these applications are built with. Moreover, any analysis of this data requires the integration of multiple sources, or, ‘fusion’ to be effective.

114ai’s platform ‘SpaceWise’ provides interoperability of data of different types, creating an environment that enables semantic fusion of data. The platform also allows non-technical users to integrate, test and operate new algorithms built on these data sets. SpaceWise enables analysts to fuse, query, search and visualise data efficiently, so that they can act on it faster.

Space domain awareness, Internet of Things, industry 4.0, intelligence, healthcare, energy, etc.

114ai are looking for partners who can help take their products to customers.

Filing patents through 2021.

Vinayak Dalmia

Vinayak Dalmia


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Vrinda Kapoor


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