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Adaptaion Ai

Adaptation AI

Adaptation Ai was founded on the idea of creating an artificial intelligence company that would work with businesses and industry leaders to develop solutions that help make the world a better place.

Adaptation Ai believe that artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies that will help shape the world for the future and that it has the power to do great things.

Adaptation Ai works with businesses to develop custom solutions and optimize business processes using data analysis, machining learning and artificial intelligence techniques. This will allow business to work smarter, be more efficient, create greener and more sustainable solutions and shake up industries using disruptive and creative solutions.

  • Automate processes
  • Optimize systems
  • Reduce costs.

Adaptation Ai use artificial intelligence, data analysis and machine learning technologies to create innovative and smart solutions to automate and optimize business processes.

Adaptation Ai have been working with the fishing industry and moving into the Agtech and Fintech space.

Forward thinking businesses that want to develop innovative solutions to change industry norms and who are courageous enough to invest in cutting edge solutions that will help build their business and products for this new exiting and every changing world.

Willie Prosek

Willie Prosek

AI Engineer

Adaptation Ai

Paul Robinson

Lead Software Developer


Ramona MacFarlane


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University of South Australia