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ByteProTeQ was formed by a group of UniSA staff members to find commercial projects in the aviation industry to utilize their advanced skills and experience.

All our team members have worked for the University of South Australia before, and hence the introduction to Innovation & Collaboration Centre by Professor Richard Turner was a natural development.

  • Mathematical modelling and optimization algorithms supported by powerful computers
  • Making decisions and find the best way in very complex environments, especially in real time with multiple conditions.

ByteProTeQ IT Consulting is a developer and provider of innovative digital solutions. They have experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Discrete optimization modelling
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Mixed integer programming
  • Software development
  • System and Database administration
  • Parallel processing
  • Data security and encryption
  • Electronic devices – development, programming and adaptation

We have capabilities and a professional network that allows us to face key challenges in the modern digital environment.

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for drug screening
  • Pathology labs for cancer growth and phenotyping
  • Toxicology labs to study off-target effects of drugs
  • Airlines
  • Air service providers
  • Drones Service companies and their customers
  • Pharmaceutical industry and researchers Framework is looking to work with pilot customers who are looking to solve complex problems in their business and willing to use cutting edge technologies.
Serguei Rossomakhine

Serguei Rossomakhine

Mathematician & Software developer, Technical Director

Henry Sukhinin

Henry Sukhinin

Project Manager, IT Specialist, Managing Director

(08) 8302 7368

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