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eDON was founded by Dr Justin Porter, who developed the eDON concept through observing the growing difficulties that hospitals are experiencing in finding and securing skilled nurses. The nursing industry is currently experiencing a significant burnout crisis, with one in five nurses looking to leave the profession over the next 12 months, and this is having a material impact on healthcare systems globally.

Encrypt HR is seeking to re-imagine a career in nursing through its per diem nursing platform eDON. Through eDON, nurses are able to earn higher hourly rates, work flexibly and build sustainable careers that promote their skills and expertise.


  • Enabling nurses to build rewarding careers through the eDON app by providing flexibility, recognition and greater earning potential
  • Nurses are rewarded for their expertise, with high performing nurses recognised through the platform
  • Hospitals are able to meet their staffing needs quickly without adding budgetary pressures
  • eDON’s superior skills matching capabilities improves clinical outcomes and patient care.

eDON connects hospitals directly to pre-qualified nurses through its app. Hospitals can post shifts directly onto the platform, which are made available in real time to pre-qualified nurses that can apply for shifts that suit their schedules. With comprehensive shift and skills data captured by the app, eDON allows hospitals to select the best nurse for their department on any given day. eDON nurses are able to make informed decisions in real time when booking in a shift, with shift details and hourly rates posted upfront. eDON’s accounting and insurance services also provide comprehensive support to its nurses, allowing them to easily work as independent contractors.

eDON is seeking funding partners to fund the roll-out of the platform following its pilots over the next six months. eDON plans on deploying the first iteration of its platform over the next six months and is actively recruiting a nursing pool to participate in these pilots. In tandem, eDON is continuing to establish new partnerships with healthcare providers to trial and co-develop its solution.

eDON is currently focused on hospital based nursing, with an immediate focus on perioperative nursing. As the business matures, eDON will seek to expand across all nursing specialties, including all hospital based nursing, aged care and home care nursing. With nursing experiencing a crisis globally, eDON seeks to expand its offering across geographies in the medium to long term.

Dr Justin Porter

Dr. Justin Porter

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Supriya Dixit


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