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FESTIVALLY emerged in response to the lack of accessibility in websites and mobile apps. While the focus has typically been on the visual appeal of websites, the need for accessibility and usability became evident at the onset of the global pandemic as everyone went online. FESTIVALLY has consistently advocated for diversity and inclusion, particularly within the arts and tourism sector.


  • Developed by those with experience working in international festivals and cultural events
  • Cogent understanding of working and planning within a diverse team pan-pacifically
  • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies from the I.A.A.P
  • Supported by research.

The unique benefits FESTIVALLY offers include a passion for inclusion, diversity, and accessibility; based on experience, research, and certification.

With extensive media experience across music, television, cultural events, and music festivals in both Australia and Korea, we have established networks within the music industry in both countries. This unique positioning enables us to reach a broader audience and engage with potential clients more effectively.

A prevalent accessibility issue is the lack of ALT-TEXT for images, links, and forms. The exclusion has an impact on persons who are blind or low vision, as well as those encountering difficulties like slow internet connections or old computers where images load slowly or not at all.

Implementing ALT-TEXT benefits a wide range of users.

Incorporating alternative text for images enhances user experience and accessibility while potentially allowing explicit and implicit SEO advantages and improving Google ranking.

FESTIVALLY is looking to partner with government and cultural tourism organisations such as tourism promotion organisations for South Korea and/or Asia Pacific.

The current market in which FESTIVALLY is active in is the arts and tourism sector, with a track record of providing consultancy services to several prominent art centers across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Our emphasis on events that drive tourism aims to establish a strong market for inclusive and accessible tourism.

Sofie Kim

Sofie Kim


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