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Firefly Biotech

Esper Satellites

Firefly Biotech was founded by Dr Giles Kirby in 2020 in response to the insufficient market supply of appropriate tools that allow research biologists access to space environments for their research. Having worked with a small university team to investigate the effects of microgravity on wound healing and cancer models, founder Giles was surprised at the limited off-the-shelf hardware options and high barrier-to-entry.

With an initial vision to develop benchtop apparatus for microgravity research, Firefly Biotech develops refined algorithms to drive dual axis clinostats, fluid handling manifolds and in-line analysis tools able to detect subtle biological changes. Firefly Biotech will leverage this market opportunity to supply researchers with the tools they need to effectively explore microgravity on the ground and in space.

  • Simple, off-the-shelf solutions
  • Developed by biologists for biologists
  • Supporting local Australian innovation.

Firefly Biotech are developing a suite of tools focused on getting biology research into space environments. From validated microgravity simulators and fluid handling manifolds to miniaturised in-line biomarker analysis tools. Their systems are fully integrated and simple to use allowing biologists to focus on the biology.

This product is relevant to anyone conducting research where gravity has an impact. Industry, academic and government research facilities exploring the effect of microgravity on biological function. Impact in pathological models, high throughput screening and manned space exploration.

Their initial market is academic institutions whilst they refine their toolsets and processes.

Firefly Biotech is seeking research biologists willing to utilise new tools during their alpha testing phase.

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Dr. Giles Kirby
Founder and Chief Scientist

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia