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Framework was founded in 2020 by Albert Marashi, along with co-founders, Lachlan Hislop, Will Gerard, Alain Bauwmans and Jack Gallagher-Bohn.

Framework is an all-in-one tool for teams and individuals which can be used for project management, sales pipeline & customer relationship management, wiki & documentation, team communication (team chat, voice & video calls), and meeting

Inspired by the way our minds understand and stores information. Framework helps organise ideas using nodes. A node is a piece of information and each node is connected and related to other nodes. For example, a company is a node, and each staff member of that company is a related node, enabling a user store information in any way imaginable.

Framework’s focus in on its ability to integrate with other tools and can be fully customized for each aspect of the workspace, and workflow depending on what works for you. Unlike many other tools, Framework allows you to filter your nodes and display them in different types of views, ranging from kanban boards, tables, gantt charts, calendars, lists, grids, and more.

Framework plans to release its first iteration early 2021.

  • A single tool, with the power of hundreds.
  • Team Wiki & Docs. Write, Plan & Live Collaboration.
  • Project & Task management. Timetracking, Analytics
  • Breaking down geographical and “business hour” barriers currently faced.

Framework’s is using:

  • Svelte: Front-end
  • Node.js: Back-end
  • GraphQL: API
  • MongoDB: Database

Framework is also using live collaboration technologies to build its software.

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Software development agencies
  • Tech startups
  • University students
  • Incubators
  • Co-working spaces.

Framework is looking to work with pilot customers who are looking to solve complex problems in their business and willing to use cutting edge technologies.

Albert Marashi

Albert Marashi


Lachlan Hislop

Lachy Hislop

Co-founder, sales, research, and development

Will Gerard

Will Gerard

Co-founder, Head of design & UX

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia