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Aid investment, globally and in the Asia Pacific region, is significant. Understanding impact and return aid is critical. We want to know if aid investments are having positive impacts for communities and countries. There is growing demand for readily consumable, accessible and timely information to assess program progress and impact. But there are massive shortages in digital systems and skills in teams delivering aid. Data collection and analysis to assess progress is often slow, cumbersome and siloed, without taking advantage of new data technologies. There is huge scope to share, collate and open data to improve development.

Global Thinking’s founder and Director, Annie Major, has nearly 20 years of international development experience across the Asia Pacific. From her early experience applying new technologies to complex program monitoring, Annie quickly recognised the opportunities in her sector to improve practice and impact.

  • Creating visually appealing,easy-to-use analytics and visualisation platforms to track and improve aid impact
  • Increase aid efficiency through the application of new technologies,freeing time for high-level work
  • Building broad understanding and consensus on progress and challenges across stakeholders in change.

Global Thinking will work through existing data analytics products in the early phases to test their effectiveness for development clients. Ultimately, Global Thinking aims to build intuitive data management and analytics platforms to track and report impact, that are flexible for users and easily adaptable to their needs.

Global Thinking will work with clients in the development sector, including private contracting companies, NGOs, philanthropic organisations and governments.

Global Thinking is seeking co-founder(s) that are passionate about applying their technical expertise to create change. Global Thinking is also keen to hear from skilled candidates with M&E, data analytics or data visualisation expertise to add to its pool of associate consultants.

Annie Major

Annie Major


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