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Satellite in space

Guerin is a young startup based out of Bangalore, India developing next-generation space mechanisms to help humankind take the next giant leap in space communication and exploration.

The number of communication satellites going into space has rapidly increased in the last decade with a major problem being the heavy and bulky antennas made of metallic deployment mechanisms. The heavy antennas occupy a large amount of space, reducing the rocket launchers’ payload-sharing capacity, and resulting in higher launch costs. Guerin solves this problem by using new-gen composite materials to develop stowage-efficient and lightweight deployable antennas that are three times more lightweight and two times more compact, translating to a saving of at least five per cent per launch.

  • Three times more lightweight and twice as compact as current state of art antennas saving launch costs
  • Highly reliable increasing service life
  • Self-deployable saving further launch costs.

Current antennas have a lot of moving parts made from metal which increases weight and decreases the stowage efficiency of the antenna, resulting in higher launch costs. Guerin’s antennas utilise novel flexible composite material support structures that can be configured for high stowage efficiency of the antenna during launch and deployment in orbit. The key technological aspect of their antennas is the use of high-strain flexible composites in the deployment mechanisms. These flexible composite antenna deployment parts store strain energy, which allows for increased stowage efficiency, powering passive deployment, and providing high stiffness post-deployment.

Guerin’s target customers are Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellite manufacturers or integrators and their customers either manufacture or integrate a single or a constellation of satellites. Guerin would like to work with public and private entities in the Indian and Australian markets and then move to the Middle East and South East Asian markets.

Guerin wants to work closely with the Australian Space Agency and the Australian Government to enhance the next-gen space systems technology in Australia. To gain market access in India and Australia, Guerin is looking to partner with public and private satellite manufacturers/integrators. Guerin is also interested in collaborating with technical universities/research labs to further improve the antenna design.

Suhas Bannur

Suhas Bannur

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Abhilash M N

Dr Abhilash M N

CTO & Co-founder

(08) 8302 7368

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