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Hairy As

Over four million men in Australia are sporting beards and it’s a billion-dollar industry that is growing rapidly year-on-year. Similarly, there has been exponential growth in awareness and societal acceptance of men’s mental health. Hairy As has come about from coupling Daryl’s desire to hand-make his own beard care products along with a developing interest in providing support to improve men’s mental health through his own journey as a new father.

Daryl is the driving force behind the enterprise and is strongly supported by Sarah Cleggett who is shaping the social impact strategy.


  • Natural products prioritising Australian supply chains wherever possible
  • Aiming to provide support to improve men’s mental health through partnerships
  • Social enterprise with transparent financials for consumers, fixed figures over profit percentages
  • Focused on sustainability at all stages of production.

Hairy As will initially be focussing on beard oils, butters and balms. These will be hand-made using natural ingredients only, avoiding anything synthetic – better for the beard, the skin, and the environment. Sustainability is a focus throughout, from sourcing raw ingredients, packaging and throughout the entire supply chain.

Future aim is to develop partnerships with key social purpose organisations.

Primary markets will be Australian men with a beard and their partners. The primary channel will be direct-to-consumer through online platforms, complemented by secondary channels of in-person activations. In the future we aim for Hairy As products to obtain a presence in barber shops.

Daryl McMahon

Daryl McMahon


Sarah Cleggett

Sarah Cleggett


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