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Integrated Environments

Integrated Environments have identified that three billion people globally need to replace inefficient, dangerous, time-consuming and polluting cooking fires with an efficient, safe, fast and clean product.

The team have developed high-efficiency and low-cost pressure cooker technology with a 75-80% efficiency increase allowing suitable foods to cook two to three times faster. This development has the potential to reduce billions of tonnes of C02 emissions and 4.3 million premature deaths caused by smoky fireplaces.

  • Reduce costs of fuel
  • Will reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve living standards.

Integrated Environments is developing a cooking system based on three principals:

  1. Efficiency of the cooking process
  2. Economy of the high-speed, mass production of the equipment required
  3. Affordability of the system allowing those with little capital the ability to access large efficiency gains available and pay for the unit from the saved fuel costs.

The company aims to address all three with a safe, clean, fast pressure cooker.

Adaption AI is currently working with the fishing industry and is talking with others in the Ag and FinTech spaces.

Integrated Environments is initially seeking expertise to design the technology and business models for this project. Then to apply to aid funders to perform trial distributions, measure impacts and reiteratively refine the technology and business models prior to going to global scale.

Jonathon Dobson

Jonathon Dobson

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