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Moonlode is an Australian startup built from founders with expertise in international and local space projects across the private and government sectors.

  • New products and systems to enable survival of the extremely cold lunar night
  • Expertise in spacecraft thermal design, analysis, construction and testing
  • Enabling governments and private companies to explore and utilise resources on the Moon.

Moonlode’s key product is an integrated thermal control subsystem for spacecraft, maintaining the temperature of critical components within certain specified bounds during extended periods of extreme cold. The system incorporates new methods for generating a trickle of heat within the system enclosure as well as methods to reject excessive heat during periods of solar illumination and/or high electrical energy dissipation.

The primary markets are space exploration and in the future space resources extraction and utilisation.

Moonlode seeks companies and government agencies that are planning lunar missions for science, exploration, or resource extraction/utilisation.

All IP required to commercially exploit the products will be retained by Moonlode.

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia