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OminiWell Bioscience

OminiWell Pty Ltd was founded in 2020 by award winning biomedical engineering researcher, Dr Chia-Chi Chien. Dr Chien spent seven years on OminiWell before successfully developing an organ culture platform for growing mini-tissue organs in the lab. She transformed the idea from lab technology to clinical application with the next step to use the unique technology for preclinical and clinical services to speed up the drug discovering processes.

  • Decreases reliance on animal testing
  • Gives researchers, a more in-depth understanding of drug treatments.

With everyone’s body reacting differently to complex drug treatments, the future of medicine is largely centred around ‘personalised medicine’. Ominiwell is taking the key elements of a person’s biological system and recreating a ’biological twin’ within a 3D cell structure on a chip for the purpose of optimising and testing personalised drug combinations that will enable the best outcome for patients. OminiWell is growing complex mini organ tissues in the lab that will enable the acceleration of the drug discovery process and reduce the need for animal testing.

Their platform will be used to improve the decisions of medical professionals who are monitoring clinical treatment for personalised medicine and shortening the time for drug discovery.

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for drug screening
  • Pathology labs for cancer growth and phenotyping
  • Toxicology labs to study off-target effects of drugs

Omniwell is currently seeking partners for co-development and investment opportunities.

Sylvia Chien

Chia-Lin Chien

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Chia-Chi Chien

Dr Chia-Chi Chien


Dr Chun-Hsien Chen

Dr Chun-Hsien Chen


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