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ScanDi by McDemco MedTech is developed by a team of professionals across the health and technology sectors, bringing healthcare innovations to the masses. It looks at digital health and involves a mobile app to improve clinical assessment, capture and analyse data to give predictive outcomes. This will promote telemedicine and remote health surveillance offerings.


  • Medical diagnostics without harmful radiation
  • Predictive health outcomes and monitoring
  • Greater access to medical diagnostics for those in remote areas.

ScanDi by McDemco MedTech’s solution rides on artificial intelligence technology. Aiming to bring health accessibility to the masses by providing diagnostics information, all from the comfort of one’s home using a personal mobile device. By making diagnostics results more accessible it empowers individuals and families to take charge of their own health.

ScanDi by McDemco MedTech is seeking partnership opportunities with health organizations and clinics for user research and universities for collaboration for innovation.

There are many potential markets for this new solution. Individuals and families keen on accessibility of healthcare at home is an emerging market, as well as the athleisure community who are keen on wellness and fitness. Governments promoting remote healthcare are also potential supporters. Doctors and healthcare professionals needing a clinical tech solution would also be a strong market.

Marabelle Heng

Marabelle Heng

Founder & CEO

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia