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Spark Medical

Spark Medical Solutions was formed in Adelaide. Co-founders Atif Majeed and Leanne March were colleagues, Atif with a technology background and Leanne with a health background. Both with innovative mindsets, they identified a gap and opportunity in the Australian healthcare system and decided to spark a journey of practitioner and patient-centric innovation.

  • Ensuring allied health reports meet NDIS requirements
  • Providing therapists with a secure gateway to discover, access, and deploy AI
  • Creating efficiency by allowing therapists to write reports in 75% less time.

Empowering therapeutic excellence, Spark Intel offers a range of compelling benefits that are set to transform the way NDIS participants and care providers experience therapeutic services.

  • Reduced report writing time by half: Spark Intel streamlines and automates the NDIS report writing process, enabling care providers to generate comprehensive and accurate reports in half the time. By minimising administrative burdens, therapists can devote more focus to delivering personalised care to NDIS participants, enhancing overall service efficiency.
  • Improved NDIS report acceptance rates: With our solution's standardised reporting templates and compliance features, NDIS reports have a higher chance of being accepted without delays or rejections.
  • Increased therapist engagement and access: Our platform fosters a collaborative ecosystem where therapists can easily communicate and share insights with each other. This increased engagement and knowledge-sharing leads to a more informed and interconnected therapeutic community, allowing therapists to access valuable resources and expert advice.
  • Decreased time and labour costs: By optimising reporting procedures and automating repetitive tasks, Spark Intel significantly reduces the time and labour required for administrative duties. Therapists can redirect their efforts to care provision, ultimately contributing to cost savings for care providers and better value for NDIS participants.

There are currently 25,000 registered occupational therapists practicing in Australia, and this is where Spark Medical Solutions will focus its support. Our next target segment will be speech pathologists and clinical psychologists, both of whom may also benefit from a streamlined, automated NDIS report writing process.

We are looking to partner with innovative allied health service providers that are open to trying new solutions, embrace AI, seek cost-cutting and improved efficiency, and focus on the well-being of their practitioners and clients.

Atif Majeed

Atif Majeed

Co-CEO, Chief Technology Officer

Leanne March

Leanne March

Co-CEO, Chief Medical Officer

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia