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Spinflector was formed in 2016 by Founder Trampas Cutler after watching ground crews spending thousands of hours cleaning reflectors by hand over the years. He decided there had to be a better way so he invented the Spinflector – Self Cleaning Reflector, designed for the mining industry and civil roadworks. There was and continues to be nothing else on the market making the Spinflector a unique and in demand product. While the self cleaning reflector is still in production stage, Trampas built the Spinflector – Safety Reflector, a new product for the market with fully replaceable wind vanes and bearings, to replace inferior products that don’t last in Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Now five years into the business and more than 1800 of their safety reflectors are operational in major mining and quarry sites across Australia with further extensive trials in other large sites that are working towards replacing all their reflectors with this product. The company have glowing testimonials including after the first product trial two years ago where Iron Duke replaced their entire fleet of reflectors with the product and are looking at doing the same across their other sites in Australia.

  • Fully replaceable parts, saving thousands of dollars
  • Outperforms other reflectors, standing up to weather conditions
  • Next generation self cleaning product in the works.

The Spinflector - Safety Reflector has fully replaceable parts, increasing its life expectancy and ultimately saving mining companies thousands of dollars when other units break and must be fully replaced. The product is made from UV stable polypropylene and ABS plastics, designed to last many years in tough mining conditions. It has fully replaceable wind vanes and bearings.

The team is working on their next generation product the Spinflector – Self Cleaning Reflector, a simple wind powered brush used for cleaning the reflectors on delineators.

Mining industry and civil roadworks.

The team are currently seeking partners/investment for their next generation product the Spinflector – Self Cleaning Reflector.


A group of the Spinflector reflectors.

Trampas Cutler

Trampas Cutler

Founder, Managing Director

Tara Cutler

Tara Cutler

Director, Business Manager

(08) 8302 7368

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