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Sport Tech Learn (STL) was founded by Katie Gloede in 2020 with a passion to get kids excited about the potential of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Underpinning STL philosophy is integrating what students are passionate about in their learning to create deeper stimulation, direct connections, greater understanding and retention of learning (Prince & Fielder 2006).

The Australian Sports Commission says 74% of students choose to play sports outside of school, identifying sport as a hidden capital for Australian students.

So using sport as an example, in Australian soccer, kicking a goal from a certain position on the field requires an understanding of the angle of the kick, the power, height and direction (trigonometry) of the kick, plus the consideration of any external influences such as wind. There are a lot of maths in a football kick that can directly influence young football players who want to be the best at their game. This is a fantastic way to draw out interest in STEM and relates to all sports and players.

Science and maths will underpin 75% of the critical skills in future occupations (Becker & Park 2011; Panizzon et al. 2018) however research shows that 42% of 15-year old’s are not proficient in maths. Sport Tech Learn has specialist understanding of this gap and are using sport to address it. All STL programs have suggested links to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) standards, creating an adaptable and reliable resources for teachers, schools and parents.


The key curriculum design principals are:

  • Unique hands-on resources to use at school and at home
  • Integration of digital and multi-modal literacies
  • Developing student confidence and autonomy working with their strengths.


We know Australian kids love sport with 3.5 million participating in a sport of physical activity outside of school hours in 2017.


The program incorporates technological aspects through direct links to the Digital Technology curriculum. Incorporating sport science technology and identifying activities that develop computational thinking.

STL gives students the ability to explore the technical aspects of the sports they are passionate about and make direct, real life links to STEM concepts.


STL’s resources draw upon research that deeper stimulation, understanding, and greater student retention by making direct connections with sports they play and watch. STL want to create lifelong memories (#STEMories), giving students a newly found excitement for STEM.

Sport Tech Learn partners with schools, parents and communities to make a change in STEM education. The key focus is to encourage minority groups such as Indigenous and female students to have the confidence and knowledge to pursue career pathway in STEM.

  • National and international education settings
  • Home schooling and holiday programs
  • Development of hands on resources
  • Industry and community collaborations.

Sport Tech Learn is seeking partnerships with likeminded educators and community partners with a passion to change the way STEM education is delivered in schools. STL has a focus on minority groups engaging in STEM and looking at new ways to educate youth for future jobs in STEM.


Katie Gloede

Katie Gloede
Managing Director

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia