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The speed with which humanity creates data vastly outpaces our ability to collect, store and derive meaningful insight from it. DISA (Data Intelligence, Search & Analysis) is a software that solves this problem in an elegant way. Team 3 was incorporated in Adelaide by Andrew Savchenko and Ben Dickson in 2020 when they anticipated a need for such capability and commenced R&D with the aim to have a ready-to-market product in 2023.

  • Faster than most. Processes millions of entries per second, real-time capable
  • Clear representation of data flows, enables knowledge sharing and reuse of tooling
  • Easily extensible and uses open data formats, plays nicely with other systems
  • Runs equally well on multi-CPU/GPU servers and energy-efficient portable devices.

DISA helps to explore multiple ideas simultaneously, make decisions supported by evidence, automate routine operations and collaborate on complex problems. It works with any type of data, from multiple sources and within the same project. Through the real-time, node-based interface it allows operators to achieve higher productivity by seamlessly connecting instruments that normally require separate workflows. DISA helps teams to become more creative and exploit what others can’t.

Defence, information security and space.

Team 3 are looking for clients and partnerships where synergy of capabilities can create value for all parties involved. In particular, they are keen to speak with OSINT researchers, organisations processing large volumes of data and those in need of a tool that can connect, process and transform arbitrary amounts of data.

Andrew Savchenko

Andrew Savchenko


Ben Dickson

Ben Dickson


(08) 8302 7368

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