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Humanity is expanding into space, yet humans are too fragile to perform the construction and assembly needed to create vital infrastructure in hazardous environments. Robots that can perform a wide variety of complex tasks autonomously are needed. In addition to great hardware, which is already available on the market, these robots need to be intelligent. ANT61 is working on the next-generation robotic brain, taking advantage of recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs. The first step on their robot’s journey to space is in-orbit satellite maintenance, repair, and life extension.

  • Robots follow high-level instructions
  • Installation and assembly with high accuracy and speed
  • Robots collaborating on complex tasks.

Most commercial robotics systems use the so-called ‘classical approach’ where robots are programmed to perform one specific task in a stable environment, such as an assembly line or a pizza kiosk. ANT61’s robots work in challenging and unpredictable environments, whether in space or on Earth, often alongside other robots and humans. At the core of the technology is a set of bespoke deep neural networks allowing ANT61’s robots to perform a wide variety of construction and assembly tasks, choosing different tools depending on the situation and adjusting to the ever-changing conditions.

Life has evolved neural networks as a great multi-purpose tool to increase adaptability. Today, they give robots the same advantage.

ANT61 enters the $3.5B satellite servicing market with the first commercial missions planned for 2026.80% of the satellites fail due to a single component breakdown, and most GEO-stationary satellites are suitable for repair. While competitors are building fully remote-controlled robots making them expensive to build, launch and operate, ANT61 is leveraging the semi-autonomous technology allowing them to use much more nimble robots to perform the same variety of tasks.

ANT61 are currently holding initial consultations with patent experts in the field.

ANT61 is raising a seed round to finance demonstrator missions and unlock commercial service contracts. The company works with satellite manufacturers, insurance companies, satellite operators, space lawyers and space agencies to prepare the landscaper for future on-orbit servicing missions.

Mikhail Asavkin

Mikhail Asavkin


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Surbhi Gupta

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Max Tegmark

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