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Astrogate Labs is a space startup working on building free-space optical communication terminals for small satellites. The smallsat industry is observing a significant expansion both in terms of the number of satellites and bandwidth requirements. Current RF downlink systems are straining under the downlink demand, spectrum allocation and coordination issues.

Astrogate Labs is solving this problem with its optical solutions. Their terminals are of 1U form factor and are cost competitive to existing RF transmitters and offer downlink speeds up to 150 Mbps for 1000km range with Astrogate’s low-cost optical ground terminal and 1Gbps with observatory grade front-end telescopes.

  • High bandwidth & secure optical communication link from low earth orbit (LEO) to ground
  • Lowest data downlink costs
  • No spectrum licensing issues.

The product utilizes free-space optical communication technology, two stage pointing – coarse pointing by the satellite bus and fine pointing by MEMS based mirrors – to deliver high bandwidth.

Application of high data optical communication link includes satellite to ground communication, satellite to satellite communication for imaging, earth observation and telecommunication needs.

Astrogate Labs is seeking collaboration with universities and research partners to establish optical ground station networks in Australia.

Astrogate Labs

Nitish Kumar Singh

Director/Co-founder & CEO

Aditya Kedlaya

Aditya Kedlaya

Director/Co-founder & COO

(08) 8302 7368

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