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Hex20 was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who realised they had a common interest in space as well as the skills and capabilities to address the need for scalable, fit-for-purpose platforms for LEO satellites. The direct experience designing and building these platforms has given the team a clear vision on the challenges as well as pathways to address them; and the technical expertise giving them the ability to execute the strategy.

  • One stop shop for LEO/MEO/cislunar platform
  • Mission design consulting
  • Ground station and communication management
  • Data and analytics platform.

Hex20 is a technology company aiming to provide products, systems and services to small satellite systems. They intend to specialize in the research, design and development of cutting-edge scalable subsystems for small satellites and provide launch services, mission operations and provide data services to clients.

Historically these platforms are large, expensive, and not agile. Hex20 intend to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions to these subsystems to improve performance and make space missions more accessible.

With the proposed establishment of a lunar gateway, there is ample scope for more smallsat based constellations/swarm missions to the cislunar space and beyond. Hex20’s goal is to deliver solutions to the LEO and cislunar market with a strong focus on making these qualified hardware platforms more intelligent, cost effective, reliable and easily accessible to industry as well as academia.

A global market with initial focus on Asia Pacific.

Currently the team are looking at various partnerships with:

  • Universities and research organizations to advance their platform’s Technology Readiness Level while enabling them to achieve their research goals
  • SMEs on various proposals for funding from state, national and international sources, while helping to build the sovereign capability in Australia.

In the final stages of finalizing the filing of a provisional patent for a novel attitude determination and control system.

Lloyd Jacob

Lloyd Jacob
Chief Executive Officer

(08) 8302 7368

South Australian Government

University of South Australia