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Mesh in Space

Mesh in Space

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, malicious, and catastrophic. The ability to protect Australia from adversary activity is more crucial than ever before. In response to this increasing threat, founder and UniSA academic Dr Yee Wei Law turned to space as the latest frontier. He founded Mesh in Space with the vision of bolstering attack-resilient satellites and safeguarding Australia against cyberattacks. The team is working towards building a mission-ready communication software suite for mesh-networked satellite constellations focusing on cybersecurity. The aim is to deepen Australia’s defensive technology as thousands of low-Earth orbit satellites are launched into the skies. The team sees Mesh in Space as the interstitial to networking, security and artificial intelligence.

  • Interoperability among space agencies with a network protocol based on international standards
  • Software solutions tailored to, and optimised for, customer hardware platforms
  • Continuously evolving cybersecurity solutions to mitigate the latest cybersecurity threats
  • A team with research pedigree and experience with access to research resources, enabling the delivery of state-of-the-art technologies.

Mesh in Space’s technology is comprised of a communication software suite, including a network protocol stack, for mesh-networked satellite constellations. The suite utilises frameworks and protocols recommended by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS). The security solutions go beyond cryptographic protection and follow a defence-in-depth strategy to achieve resilience against faults, failures, and attacks. Artificial intelligence serves as a foundational component without draining scarce system resources. The technology is unique as the Australian space industry currently lacks building systems that are ready for interagency collaboration.

Potential clients include satellite manufacturers; space system integrators; organisations looking to deploy satellite constellations, whether for civilian, scientific, commercial, or defence missions.

Satellite manufacturers; space system integrators; civilian or defence organisations looking to deploy satellite constellations.

Yee Wei Law

Yee Wei Law


Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis


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