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Moose Industries

Founded by Nigel Eckermann in 1997, Moose Industries design, develop and manufacture quality, robust agricultural machinery and componentry.

Moose machinery is designed with the future in mind their products can be configured to suit existing practices, and re-purposed to suit future farming practices when necessary. With a heavy focus on research and development, Moose are expanding their business with innovations in the sustainability and agricultural sectors. While maintaining small scale manufacturing capabilities at present, the team have spent over two years researching machinery features to give farmers a higher level of control, optimising machinery features to suit individual farming needs.

  • Affordable ‘high-end’ componentry to fit existing seeding machines
  • Supporting productive and sustainable farming.

Moose Industries are incorporating advanced manufacturing machinery to produce innovative and robust coulters for seeding machines, at an affordable and competitive price.

Australian broadacre farmers, and general farmers nationwide with the potential to market to North American broadacre farmers, specifically cereal cropping.

Moose Industries are looking to partner with the agriculture industry in Australia and overseas to develop machinery that will support productive and sustainable farming.

Moose Industries equipment

Moose Industries specialises in creating innovative agricultural equipment.

Nigel Eckermann

Nigel Eckermann

Director, Head Designer, Business Manager

Hamish Robertson

Hamish Robertson

Operations Manager, Procurement, HR, CNC Programmer

Emma Eckermann

Emma Eckermann

Office Manager, Marketing, Strategic Planning

(08) 8302 7368

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University of South Australia