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Orbital Blue


Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is one of the most challenging space issues of the 21st century. The most difficult task for SSA is to enhance orbit prediction accuracy. The limitation of the current prediction approach arises from assumed dynamic models, measurement errors and orbit determination errors.

Prediction accuracy for existing basic algorithms is low, leading to false positives and unreliable awareness. This inaccuracy leaves $478 billion of space resources at risk. In reality, only limited information can be gained from the physical world, with this lack of information further twisted by assumptions during the current modeling process.

  • Predictive intelligence using the latest supervised AI to improve orbit prediction accuracy for Resident Space Objects (RSOs)
  • Industry-leading orbit determination systems delivering high-fidelity orbital insights for safer space missions
  • Web dashboards used to provide mission critical insights across key areas.

Orbital Blue’s AI-based solutions use the machine learning (ML) approach to improve orbit prediction accuracy for RSOs by reducing propagation error by as much as 50%. The supervised ML method is the appropriate approach for improving orbit prediction accuracy based on historical measurements and error information. The analytical model has been well developed, but the RSO’s information is limited or inaccurate. Orbital Blue’s ML methods present a novel approach to extract knowledge from large amounts of data, similar to a human’s cognitive learning. Supervised ML models used are Support Vector Machine (SVM), Neural Networks, and Random Forest.

The global space industry is expected to generate revenue of more than $1.4 trillion by 2030, up from $350 billion in 2020. Orbital Blue’s AI-based SSA technology provides cost-effective solutions that improve orbit prediction accuracy for RSOs by reducing propagation error. Key customers include satellite operators and traditional SSA solutions providers, space mission companies, government space agencies and defense organisations interested in enhancing their SSA operations. The $2.7 trillion global space industry is becoming increasingly congested and demand for accurate awareness is skyrocketing. Safety in space is an urgent challenge as economies and societies become increasingly vulnerable and important space applications like weather forecasting and climate monitoring could be lost.

Orbital Blue is seeking collaboration with space surveillance companies, government agencies, and industry partners to support testing of AI/ML models in various mission scenarios.

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Mohammed Fazil


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