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From taking the first image to reaching the desired customer, a long chain of operations in the satellite imagery industry generally costs significant time and resources. When the customer finally does receive the image, it may have cloud cover or contain no useful data, which is a common scenario for satellite operators. Perspective is addressing this problem by introducing image segregation capabilities on satellites, using an AI-based software application.

  • Software adaptive to dynamic requirements of satellite imagery industry through AI-based onboard image processing
  • Maximum coverage of target locations, and accurate, low-cost, time-efficient telemetry downlink operations
  • Exploiting AI applications in autonomous spacecraft operations with Vision-based Attitude, Orbit determination, and spacecraft health management.

Perspective has built a spacecraft software package, designed to detect features in camera-captured images by using artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques. These features can be extracted by comparing the captured images with onboard pre-stored AI-trained models. This information can also be used to make autonomous spacecraft operation decisions based on several available features in the captured images, like cloud coverage, sun’s reflection, and incorrect focus or exposure.

The commercial Earth Observation (EO) market, satellite constellation operators and imagery-based service sector, including emergency response and resource management.

Perspective is currently seeking opportunities with AI research institutions and private entities as well as EO satellite constellations operators which have satellites with high processing power capabilities.


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